Top 10 from Texas Bar Today: Multiple Households, Thin Ice, and the Hybrid Witness

Leading 10 from Texas Bar Today: Numerous Houses, Thin Ice, and the Hybrid Witness

Posted in Texas Bar Features, Top Ten Blog Posts By Joanna Herzik on January 15
Ninth Circuit Enables 2016 Defend Profession Tricks Act to Use Retroactively– Peggy Keene of Klemchuk LLP!.?.! @K_LLP!.?.! in Dallas 6. Skating on Thin Ice: Internal Revenue Service Does Not Recognize Organization ‘s 501( c)( 3) Standing– Zachary Montgomery

of Freeman Regulation @FreemanLaw_PLLC in Frisco 5. Court Holds That Holographic Will Was Not Legitimate As There Was No Trademark– David Fowler Johnson @TXFiduciaryLit of Winstead PC in Fort Well Worth 4. Hallmark Innovation Act of 2020 Provides Hallmark Owners A Lot More Tools to Protect, Enforce Rights– Wei Jeang of Grable Martin Fulton PLLC in Parker 3. The Texas Whistleblower Act: To blow the whistle or otherwise to blow the whistle? That is the concern– Rasha Zeyadeh of Legislation Office of Rob Wiley, P.C. in Dallas 2. Two brand-new means clinical documents and prices will certainly be much easier to acquire– Costs Berenson @LawyerFortWorth of Berenson Legislation in Fort Worth 1. Definition of” Numerous Families “for Purposes of Calculating Texas Kid Support– Kelly McClure of McClure Law Group @McClureLaw!.?.! in Dallas< apart id=" lxb_accordion_links-2" class=" widget widget_lxb_accordion_links attach just-icons” > Keep Connected

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