Scams continue to target Texas attorneys

Scams continue to target Texas lawyers

We obtained a record of one more scam. This fraud appears to be targeting Texas lawyers exercising work legislation. A lawyer got a rip-off e-mail from somebody asserting they needed the attorney’s help in receiving severance pay from their employer that they had actually been guaranteed however never received. There are several indications in the email and also e-mail add-ons that the person sending it was not a legitimate possible client. These consist of the truth that no attorney appears to be involved, the e-mail addresses in the alleged e-mail communications are not correct, the claimed HR person is resolved by both initial and also last names, the files include several spacing and typo errors, the “settlement agreement” is a kind that has actually been filled up in, the stationery made use of is suspect, and also the circumstance explained is very questionable. Because so several points appeared questionable, the lawyer looked for “severance pay rip-offs” online as well as found that the Florida Bar and the Virginia Bar Organization have released warnings about such frauds, and there are many articles regarding comparable scams.

Published at Mon, 07 Dec 2020 22:06:22 +0000

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