A Special Discovery Request in a Texas Water Rights Battle

A Special Exploration Request in a Texas Water Legal Rights Fight

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Co-author Rusty Tucker In re Levels Pipeline, L.P., is a suit to settle title to groundwater. Did the trial court err in permitting an event to pierce seven test openings on a container ranch? (Spoiler alert: It really did not.) This decision examines an order in an unique civil exploration circumstance, as well as the underlying insurance claims exemplify strategies to disputes over groundwater legal rights.

The events’ claims

Plains Pipeline entities are oil gathering/storage business; Winkler Solutions is a water exploration company. Both insurance claim surface area rights to 160 acres in Winkler Region.

Plains obtained legal rights under a lease in 1928 to construct, preserve, and also run oil tanks as well as pipelines on the land. Plains asserted continual use the home in methods enough to maintain the lease given that 1999 by a storage tank ranch with nine 270,000 barrel tank, 11 high-pressure oil pipes, an office, and other uses. According to Plains, the Texas Water Code gives a surface area lessee the prerogative to possess and also make use of groundwater below the home.

Winkler’s competing claim was based on a previous severance by merit of a 2014 groundwater lease over 28,000+ acres, Winkler’s wholehearted surface passion, an indicated easement over the surface area estate that needs Levels to reasonably suit Winkler’s interests, as well as expiration of Plains’ 1928 lease due to the fact that the land was not constantly utilized.

Plains replied: Winkler owns just a contingent future interest in the right to the groundwater; conversely, if the lease ran out Plains obtained lease civil liberties with unfavorable property, as well as, if not, Winkler’s drilling tasks would certainly undergo the accommodation teaching.

After 2 prolonged hearings, the test court gave Winkler’s demand under TRCP 196.7 for pretrial assessment of the residential property and allowed Winkler to drill seven test holes on the land. The trial court concluded that Winkler’s request to evaluate dropped within the scope of discovery, was of marginal interference and burden to Plains, and the necessity of the information to be obtained from the evaluation exceeded any kind of concern to Plains.

Judicial discernment as well as the civil procedure regulation

A Guideline 196.7 order permitting examination is not a misuse of discernment if the request matters; the exploration can not be gotten from an easier, much less burdensome, or more economical resource; and the burden of the suggested exploration does not surpass its likely benefits.

Plains said that Winkler was not inquiring that was appropriate to the issue of that held exceptional title to the groundwater, as well as even if the exploration was appropriate the high court stopped working to effectively balance the completing rate of interests.

Winkler asserted the information from the examination openings would certainly matter for 2 factors: if Winkler has title to the groundwater, after that Plains as the surface estate holder must accommodate Winkler’s interests; and also it will certainly provide a much more accurate estimate of just how much groundwater was located on the land.

The trial court was not required to fix the benefits of the title concern in order to fix an exploration conflict. The court of allures held that the trial court did not abuse its discernment in finding the test openings mattered, which is in line with “the bedrock principle” that the range of exploration is generally within the high court’s discernment.

The court differed with Plains that the information was available without access onto the building. Plains even more argued that drilling the examination openings could interrupt its on-going business operations, as well as potentially the circulation of oil had by 3rd parties due to, for example, an examination hole striking a high stress below ground pipe. The appellate court was not persuaded.

The dissent didn’t think Winkler established that the need for the discovery surpassed the concern inspection would position on Plains.

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