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Finally, you’ve found a distribution service that gets your story published on news sites, motivates the media to contact you, and compels major publications to pick up your story.

Want to Get Your Story In Front of 1.7 Million Journalists, Bloggers, & Influencers?

Do you have a newsworthy story, product, or service that deserves visibility? Frustrated with PR services that promise the world – but then don’t get you any noticeable results?

  • Are you a business owner or entrepreneur looking to generate awareness and excitement around your brand?
  • Looking for a distribution service that gets you actual visibility, so you can get the press coverage you deserve?
  • Already have a press release written, but not sure how to get it in front of influential publications who truly care?
  • Searching for a distributor that has real industry contacts and gets press releases into journalist’s personal inboxes?
  • Want to partner with professional editors who know how to bring your story to the next level, and are invested in your success?

Here, you get friendly editors committed to your success, benefit from our personal contacts in the industry, and gain exposure to some of the biggest publications across the country. All this, at friendly rates specially designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Personal Attention. National Exposure

When you sign up with eReleases, your story is published on 90+ media sites – guaranteed. Then, your story is sent to PR Newswire – the world’s oldest and most trusted news distributor. Next, we send your release to opt-in journalists who have subscribed to receive stories on your specific subject. Lastly, a member of our staff curates the best journalists and influencers for your specific press release, and personally emails them a copy.

At eReleases, we couple in-house expertise with large-scale exposure – this way, you can benefit from one-on-one attention from our editors, and national attention from the media.

What You Get

Here, small businesses and entrepreneurs get access to a traditional newswire at a fraction of the cost.

You get:
Guaranteed Results
Your story gets widespread publication on over 90+ media sites – this way, you can count on powerful exposure, up front.

Major Media Attention
Our clients are regularly picked up by major media outlets both online and in print; including newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and blogs.

Boosted Visibility
Your story is sent to the personal inboxes of media professionals across the nation, and we put you in front of eager journalists who actively subscribe to eReleases.

National Exposure
Your story is personally distributed to journalists and media professionals, not just regionally, but across the entire country.

An Irresistible Story
You get expert, in-house editing that ensures your press release tells a compelling story that publications can’t possibly pass up.

Proof of Distribution
With WireWatch™ Proof of Distribution, you can be sure your press release made it out into the world, and our editorial team is here to measure the results.

Save Money
With a cost-effective solution that’s customized for small business owners and entrepreneurs, and doesn’t break the bank.

Make Money
Press releases that successfully gain traction can generate a major return on investment for businesses and entrepreneurs like you.

Expert Guidance You Can Trust
You’ll have real editors advocating for you – getting your news out there, so you can focus on running your awesome business.