do i need a lawyer for mediation

Do I Need a Lawyer to Divorce my Spouse or for Mediation?

The Question is this: Do I Need a Lawyer to Divorce my Spouse or for Mediation?

Mediation does not require a lawyer; in fact part of the advantage of mediation is a lawyer is not required and the corresponding legal fees. 

However, you may want to hire a lawyer to consult and offer advice before and even during the mediation which is substantially less expensive than hiring a lawyer to litigate your case.

Also, a lawyer should generally be consulted to discuss the consequences of the mediation and any settlement agreement. Mediation should never be regarded as a subsitute for obtaining legal advisement in your matters. It is a confidential and facilitated session to move the process more quickly and create methods to reach agreements that work for both parties.

If you’re not sure what your best option is, check out our article at “When Divorce Mediation is the #1 Best Option“. It goes into detail of the different conflict levels and what some good options are for you to consider. 

So, Do I need a lawyer to divorce my spouse?

If there is a lot of conflict or disagreement about money, property division, child support, conservatorship, debt, etc. – It is highly advisable to seek a lawyer independently of your spouse to represent your interest.

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