DIvorce Mediation in Dallas

In the state of Texas, many family proceedings or petitions regarding: divorce, legal separation, conservatorship, custody: basically all suits affecting parent-child relationships (SAPCR) will be ordered to mediation. Even before a court order, however, it is wise to go into mediation to start working through the large amount of issues involved in these matters.

Divorce – The dissolving of a marriage presents a wide variety of issues pertaining to children/custody/visitation, property, finances, retirement, real estate and any other shared assets.

Conservatorship & Custody – Issues regarding the enforcement, modification or termination of parental rights and/or visitation per previous orders.

These are just a few of the many issues involved in divorce. Finding the right mediator to facilitate through the complexities and strong emotions during this time is essential.

Laura’s approach:

“I believe first and foremost to provide a safe environment. By using empathy, patience and giving space to the parties involved to start unpacking the issues without judgement, the proverbial onion starts to peel. When someone knows they are heard and understood, there is restoration of dignity and validation of the emotions involved. Then we can start looking at the issues that need to be decided. I am passionate about building that empowered space and providing creative and actionable ideas that will ultimately lead to settlement. And with settlement, the parties involved gaining a sense of relief, the empowerment of making their own decisions and the opportunity to start moving forward.” 

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