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If you are considering a divorce, or are in the midst of one, you may be wondering what the process will entail and how much it will cost. You may also be looking for ways to minimize the conflict and chaos that often comes with divorce.

Situation 1: Go through a mediation.

You and your spouse are at a point to work out the details around your divorce. At Third Coast Mediation, we facilitate and host mediations in both Family and Civil Disputes. We can help you navigate this difficult time while minimizing the stress on you and your family. We provide Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) services via our secure Zoom platform.

We understand that difficult decisions have to be made; we work with you and your spouse in mediation to help arrive at a settlement that is fair for everyone involved.

If you’re not sure if mediation is right for you, please read our article on ‘When Divorce Mediation is the #1 Best Option’. It clearly defines the best situation to pursue mediation and gives you guidance on other options as well.

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What to do When Mediation May Not Be the Best Next Step

Situation 2: Retain Counsel to enter Negotiations or Collaborative Law (where applicable)

One should always consult an attorney to be advised of legal standing in all procedures and negotiations. Mediation, as stated above, is an option to be used to move a process forward as quickly as possible using a mediator between the parties.

If this is not a viable option, you may need to use attorneys to move your case forward and may/may not be presented in court before a judge.

If you need to find representation, below you will see information to have a list of qualified attorneys sent to you. We have found this service to provide referrals to extraordinary attorneys and you have the freedom to speak to and choose whomever you are comfortable with. (It takes a lot of pressure off of you to search for an attorney.)

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Situation 3: High Conflict/ Difficult Personalities in Divorce

In this situation, you may have an attorney and mediation is not an option, at least not yet, and there is constant contention. Nothing can get ironed out, decisions made keep going out the window and it feels like every meeting is like starting over again. In these situations, you may be dealing with a difficult personality/high conflict style, narcissism, or other issues adding complications.

In addition to retaining an attorney, you may want to invest in some specific training for yourself when dealing with an extremely difficult person. Rebecca Zung, Esq is rated in the top 1% of attorneys in the nation and specializes in Negotiating with Narcissists.

She has put together a special training package to teach these specific negotiation techniques to apply in these situations. It is my most highly recommended training package of this kind.

Below is a link to a FREE Training and information about the S.L.A.Y. program if you are interested in getting a more in-depth education on Negotiating with a Narcissist or Difficult Personality.

Use the Code ‘SLAY200’ to receive a special discount.

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*Please note: Third Coast Mediation is not a law firm nor do we practice law. We operate in accordance with Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, ADR Statute 154 which defines Alternate Dispute Resolution practice. Please refer to our Ethics Disclosure.