Hyzon Picks Chicagoland for Country’s Largest Hydrogen Gas Cell Manufacturing Facility

Hyzon Chooses Chicagoland for Country’s Largest Hydrogen Gas Cell Factory

Hyzon Motors Inc. said Monday it planned to develop the largest fuel cell membrane electrode assembly (MEA) production line for commercial vehicles in the U.S. at its new Hyzon Technology Center in Bolingbrook, IL, simply outside Chicago.At complete ability, the Bolingbrook facility is expected to create adequate MEAs to cover the production needs for as much as 12,000 hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered vehicles every year.

Hyzon chairman George Gu claimed, “The new Hyzon Technology Center is necessary to our method to increase the US hydrogen supply chain, lower gas cell prices for commercialization, and also create neighborhood tasks. We picked the greater Chicago location due to its top-tier colleges, national laboratories, equipment firms and producers, and also a huge swimming pool of ability for hiring a highly-skilled labor force.”

MEAs are presently generated in Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea as well as China at industrial range. Smaller-scale MEA manufacturing in the UNITED STATE has actually so much been a supply and expense bottleneck.

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