Elevator Firm Unveils In-Cab Filtration and Sterilization System

Elevator Firm Unveils In-Cab Purification and Sanitation System

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Bronx-based CEC Elevator Taxicab Corp. has actually introducd Sterilyft, an elevator air purification and also sanitation system meant to eliminate the existing pandemic as well as stop future pathogenic spread.

Sterilyft utilizes UV-C light to kill microorganisms, double MERV 13 filtering and afterwards adds cleansed air back right into the elevator taxicab room in a shut loop plan. CEC has actually currently installed the system in 7 different states across the UNITED STATE

“The only method we’re going to win this battle versus COVID-19 is by being positive– taking the fight to tiny, encased areas like elevators,” stated Nick Gretsuk, EVP at CEC. “Danger mitigation is vital, as well as firms require to assure the general public that workplaces and also multi-storied buildings are as secure as possible for those starting to go back to function and also public life. Firms can begin by ensuring that elevators are clean as well as safe areas once again– an assurance we’re offering with Sterilyft.”

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