Third Coast Mediation provides mediation / conflict coaching services for families, real estate issues, and small businesses.

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Our conflict and communication consulting & education teaches you how keep things from “going too far” and we mediate disputes when separation is imminent (and litigious).

We believe that mediating disputes is an art form that requires patience, listening skills, empathy, logic, and creativity all at once because each dispute is unique. We have decades of experience providing our clients with creative strategies for resolving conflicts peacefully while meeting their goals.

In addition, we teach the very things we have learned over years of experience. With great enthusiasm, we are now offering conflict coaching and conflict education to equip people with the tools to navigate conflict, increase emotional intelligence, and prevent disputes, thereby increasing the quality of life, relationships, and well-being.

These skills foster better relationships among families, friends, co-workers or any other type of relationship.

We are committed to helping you move forward in your life with the least possible residual impact of conflict.

Welcome to Third Coast Mediation & Consulting! We offer online dispute resolution/mediation services for families experiencing divorce, separation, custody disputes. We also offer conflict and emotional intelligence education and consulting. Our website exists to offer resources and information to help you navigate changes in life due to conflict. Our conflict in relationships as well as internal conflict. We hope you find what you need, and we look forward to working with you!