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Is it hard to keep balanced right now?

We specialize in mediating conflict and educating how to handle it before and after it happens.

You’re in the right place.

Who We Are and How We Can Help

What We Do

This site and services exist to help you navigate conflict. Period.

  • Mediate

    We host and facilitate your (ODR) Online Dispute Resolution Session.

  • Educate

    Provide courses and online training to equip you to handle conflict.

  • Communicate

    Strategic written communications for our business clients.

  • Resources

    Referrals, resources, education and information to help navigate changes due to conflict situations.

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Resource Area

We have an extensive learning area and resource section to help you navigate life before, during and after divorce and life changing conflict. This is a map of everything you need to know!

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25 Feb

The Dance of Covert Narcissism and Codependency

Covert Narcissism and Codependency Codependency is a term that was coined by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) counselors during the 1970s to describe family members of alcoholics who seemed obsessed with taking care of others. Unfortunately, over time this idea has become…

25 Feb

17 Best Books on Emotional Intelligence

Our List of the 17 Best Books on Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the capacity to be aware of and manage one's own emotions and the emotions of others. It is generally said to include five major components: self…

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